What’s Your Holiday Traditions?

The Stone Center would like to hear…what are some of your holiday traditions?  For some the holiday season means decorated trees, twinkly lights and festive parties. For others the holidays are a time for candles, contemplation and family meals. Whatever holidays you celebrate, chances are you have loads of traditions that go with them, some new, some old. We’d love to hear about them and the special moments they bring — what you like to make and eat, how you decorate, what types of things you remember doing as a kid that you still do today and new traditions you’ve initiated with your children and loved ones.

Maybe it’s stringing popcorn as a family or making home-made apple cider.  Is it hosting a party or making your family’s favorite soups?  Is it going on a family sleigh ride or driving through the neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights?  Tell us…what are your holiday traditions?

Holiday traditions

Holiday Traditions



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  1. We used to have the “Peterson Christmas ” every Dec. 23rd. This is the time where the extended family – 3 to 4 generations get together at my family church to celebrate. Time has gotten away from us & families have grown, thus it became a thing of the past. But, it will remain in our hearts forever! <3


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