Creative Surfaces has acquired an unexpected visitor. The production plant has attracted a raccoon! (or two)

This illusive little fella has been frequenting our production facility for roughly a month or so. We think he has taken up residence in the sign shop. It also appears this unexpected visitor may have invited a friend! Judging by the video’s from the night-vision cameras we set up, one appears to be larger than the other.  The shop guys have mentioned that there seems to be a couple different set of tracks. See the videos for yourself:

This visiting racoon’s likes are: white cheddar popcorn, sardines, apples, almonds, cookies, candy bars, ransacking tool benches & trashcans, and late night strolls through the plant. He dislikes any form of human interaction & tight, caged in places!
Happy hunting, shop guys!

**Disclaimer: LIVE TRAPS were used.  No animals were harmed or have been harmed. We have full intentions of releasing them back into the wild once caught.