Finding the right locker for your space can be a challenging task. Whether you have a small mud-room in the back entrance to your home, or you have a fitness club that you are looking to re-vamp, let’s face it.  You are going to need storage solutions.  Lockers are an excellent fix to your problem. Let us help you find the right locker for your space!

Residential Locker Storage

For a small hallway, garage, or mud room in your home, might we suggest an old re-furbished school locker.

If a re-furbished vintage locker isn’t your style, something more sleek & modern such as these type of lockers might be right up your alley.

Commercial Locker Storage

On the other hand, maybe you’re not looking for something for your home.  You have a business such as a fitness club, tanning or hair salon. Maybe you just need a place in your company break room for the employees to store their personal stuff. Might we suggest shopping around for some great ideas here. Creative Surfaces has just what you’re looking for when it comes to outfitting your space for lockers.

Simply measure your overall space & estimate how many people you think might need storage space of their own. Send us your rough specs & let us take a stab at designing something that would work for you.  We can design something completely custom, or pre-fabricated. Basically, we will work with whatever your budget will allow.

 In the Work Place

Take for example this non-traditional gym.  Welcyon, Fitness After 50, is a health club for adults over 50, located in Apple Valley, MN. Obviously, health clubs need lockers.  This particular gym didn’t have a whole lot of room to work with, yet we were able to outfit them with some great lockers for their space.

Now that you’ve decided that lockers are a great solution…  onto more fun projects like paint colors, backsplash, & flooring options. Happy designing!