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Welcome to the dawn of new brilliance never before seen in stone design.  Presenting Brittanicca and Ella, the newest additions to our Marble Collection.  Combining the endless allure of cherished marble with Cambria’s maintenance-free dependability, each presents incredible depth with design aesthetics that permeate the thickness of the entire slab. The result? Superior beauty and decorative edge options surface-only designs can’t match. Bellissimo!  Seeing is believing at

Want to touch, see, feel the beauty of Cambria?  The Stone Center  in Sioux Falls has over 120 Cambria designs in our showroom including the two new Cambria designs; as well as that Cambria Gallery next door showcases 24 designs in full size slabs.  Stop in anytime to personally see the beauty of Cambria quartz.

Cambria Ella Brittannica

BRITTANICCA offers a velvety marbled background of neutral white that provides a stage on which gray streams meander among intertwining ashen veins dotted with veiled charcoal sparkles.

New Cambria Designs

Cambria Brittannica

ELLA features a dimensional lattice of delicate dove-gray streams permeating throughout a creamy marbled backdrop.

New Cambria Designs

Cambria Ella

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  1. I think my new favorite it Britannica! Beautiful designs.


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