When you are building or remodeling your home it’s very natural to focus on the kitchen since this is the place your family will spend most of their time together.  However a great way to allow the kids to be involved in the building process is to allow them to design and decorate their bathroom.  Kids love color – let them choose a bathroom wall color.  Even if it’s just on one wall.  Kids communicate with animals – consider some safari border paper or hand painted mural on a wall.  Letters and shapes are fun to incorporate into your children’s bath as well and they learn from these.  So many ideas and ways to let the whole family be a part of the new project.


At the Stone Center we have some great ideas for the kids bathroom vanity countertops, backsplash, and flooring to help make the bathroom bright, fun and kid-friendly.  Our designers will even come to your home for a FREE consultation.  Stop by or call the Stone Center at 2105 S. Minnesota.  Open six days a week.

my kids bathroom

Kids Bathroom