How Was Your July 4th?

July 4th

How Was Your July 4th? The fireworks is over and its a new work week.  It’s already Tuesday and we still need to hear about your fantastic weekend.  Did you celebrate July 4th with family and friends?  Were you able to take the extra long weekend by taking Friday off as well?   Where did you watch the fireworks display?


  1. My family and I traveled to Minnesota for the 4th. Best few days off I’ve taken in quite some time. The fireworks were spectacular down town Minneapolis and the fishing was excellent near Little Falls. My grandparents were thankful I could take a day off and visit them!

  2. When we had our kitchen rdoeemled 8 years ago everything (not just cabinets) was on site before the job began but the doors were installed after hanging but the same day to prevent any possible mishaps.I asked if the shaker doors could be modified doubled for a 4.5″ frame (stiles/rails) instead of the standard 2″ (or was it 2.25?) and the center panel be inset only 1/8″. It’s contemporary, maybe a bit of Japanese feel, at least according to a neighbor from Japan.Not working in color/design at the time, I would have done some things differently (floors/counters!) but I love the cabinet doors. BTW, I hate the stainless appliances but there’s nothing that’s come round the pike yet that speaks to me.


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