When Dickinson College decided to upgrade their athletic training center they got serious.  This fully equipped…no excuses training center showcases some high end athletic center cabinetry.  The Durden Athletic Training Center features…

  • separate locker rooms for men’s and women’s lacrosse, football, field hockey, coaches, officials and visiting teams
  • a strength-training and free-weight room
  • sports-medicine facilities
  • a laundry and equipment room
  • a team-meeting/event room with a viewing platform overlooking Biddle Field
  • and an exhibition area to honor Dickinson athletics

And all of it was built Creative Surfaces where all of our cabinetry products are created to be visually thrilling with exquisite artistry and custom built by our team of experienced craftsmen.

high end athletic center cabinetry

Dickinson College athletic center AV center and lockers.