Creative Surfaces builds and installs gym & club lockers of various sizes and designs all over the country.  We’ve built gym lockers for for Gold’s Gym, World Gym, Bally’s, and several other national gyms.  You will find our club lockers in several businesses including country clubs, automotive dealers, and salons.

We have a team of professionals that work with our customers to help them design a locker(s) specifically to their needs.  Our talented graphic artists can provide renderings of your locker design with your material selection so that you can see exactly what your lockers will look like upon completion.  The lockers can be single stack, double stack or even triple stacked.  It really is determined by how the customer plans to utilize the lockers.  Our VIP lockers are outfitted with special drawer, electrical outlet, hanging rod & hook, and own personal mirror.  The VIP lockers are equipped with Digilock systems to keep personal belongings safe.

Many of our locker systems have custom built end-caps with dry vanity and a mirror.  These are great for fitness centers that do not offer VIP lockers; but provide an additional area within the fitness center locker room for members to get ready after their workouts.   Often times our customers prefer a bench that complements the lockers for the locker rooms as well.

085 Dry Vanity
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