Why Getting Away from the Office is Good For You
Amanda Peterson  |  Graphic Designer

This past Friday, Friday the 13th to be exact, I had the privilege of attending an all day seminar. Now, most of you would probably cringe at the sound of being stuck at a ‘seminar’ all day, but not me. I looked at it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills on social media…and used it as a chance to “recharge the batteries.”

I was one of the 300 – 400 people that attended the Trendigital Summit put on by the nice folks at Click Rain, Keloland TV, & the BBB.  I got to listen to some of the best-of-the-best in the digital media business. They had different break-out sessions in the morning and a collaborative group session in the afternoon.

The sessions ranged from finding your Brand Voice in your content, to various types of available advertising through social medias, and even how to track such things using an in-depth look at Google Analytics. Following all of these discussions, was a 3 hour look into where the ‘internet of things’ is headed, by the owner of Click Rain, Paul Ten Haken.


This seminar was more than just a day away from the office.  Sure, there were several things that needed to be done at work. But, sometimes it’s important to take advantage of “educational opportunities” so I chose a day out of the office as a day of learning. It was a day well spent and a great way to recharge.   It’s only Tuesday and I’ve had a productive week.

Have a great week!