EmBe…formerly known as YMCA is a place for girls and women to gather and learn, a place for young women to live, a place to find safety and shelter from violence, a place to provide childcare and early education for children, a place for women and children to grow and be healthy through fitness and aquatics, and a place to develop leadership skills and find friendships.  Today EmBe strives every day to achieve a place of empowerment where women succeed, where children and youth strive, where there’s respect for diversity and where contributions are made towards the development of a community that is vibrant and healthy.

Creative Surfaces was fortunate to have assisted in the name change by designing and building new custom cabinets and signage.  This particular project involved modifying existing exterior signage at the downtown location and creating new interior signage.  At the EmBe south location we added some additional exterior building signage.   We are one of the top companies in the United States that manufactures and installs all of our own custom casework, cabinetry, and signage.  At Creative Surfaces, perfection and affordability are possible and these are goals we strive to meet on all of our custom cabinets and signage projects.  Looking for some unique for your business?  Give us a call 605.336.1572