Hello again…  we have been working away at our construction project here at Creative Surfaces.  We have been fortunate to have some nicer days to move things along. The OLD tunnel is long gone & the new tunnel is actually taking shape now, as you will see by the photos below.

There’s been massive head-way on the new paint booth addition as well! The insulation & drywall has been put up.  They are currently working on heating & ventilation in there as well.

Also, you will see the trusses connecting the two buildings are almost complete, so they can begin working on the inside area. What currently looks like a long dark hole, will soon be home to brand new restroom facilities & a large storage corridor.

Hope you enjoy seeing this progress & don’t be afraid to give us your feedback! And as always….  please keep Creative Surfaces in mind for your next commercial casework, signage & countertop projects! 605-336-1572 or 800-529-1200