We love Cambria…and so do our customers.  Check out this gorgeous home loaded with Cambria designs.  And, some of our favorites!  Often times we work with customers that like to keep consistency throughout their home and choose to use one Cambria designs; while other customers will opt to use several designs that all complement each other.  Here the customer designed this home with a palette of browns that create a very warm and traditional environment.

Cambria Laneshaw, “Named for a centuries-old village in northwest England, Laneshaw’s mysterious sea of brown tones, tan and black is a grand statement-maker. Subtle white and a veil of gold shimmer add an unexpected twist of glamour to any space.”

Cambria Hazelford, “Like a well-worn leather saddle from the stables of Hazelford Hall in England’s East Midlands, this velvety brown is luxurious, yet unpretentious. A natural choice for those looking to add an unexpected dash of rusticity.”

Cambria Rosslyn Quartz, “Like the sunlight that pierces the mysterious shadows of the wondrous Rosslyn Chapel, this design’s striking metallic golds shimmer against a nuanced background of taupe and tans in a masterful addition to the Jewel Collection.”

Cambria Wellington, ” A churning brew of black and brown packs an iron-like punch in Wellington, named for this southwest England industrial town. An impressive, bold statement not for the faint of heart.”

The Stone Center – stop by anytime to touch, see, feel the beauty of Cambria and let us help you create the home of your dreams, without compromising beauty or performance.