Cambria Hollinsbrook goes into Ft.Lauderdale home.

Great friends of ours recently updated their Ft. Lauderdale condo with awesome new kitchen countertops.  They chose Cambria Hollinsbrook Рbold and sumptuous, this powerful union of black, chestnut, gray and white brings to life the rhythmic and rocky tumble of this northwest England waterway. Expressive, rich and lively, Hollinsbrook lends a luxurious and dignified air to any space.  Cambria counter tops


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  2. Love it! I was trying to decide among the Cambria water stone line for my kitchen, and your post gives me the visual to help my decision. Are the cabinets cherry or maple? What type of flooring was used?

    • Michele – the cabinets are maple and the flooring in there is marble tile.


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