Accessorize This!

Sometimes, given their function, kitchens are overlooked as a space that can be decorated in the home.  But kitchens are the heart of the home and a gathering place for family and friends, so just like any other room in the house, they should reflect our personal style.  Yes, a remodel can do wonders for the feel and function of a kitchen, even without a remodel, a few, well-placed accessories and details can give a kitchen a warm and inviting touch.

Keep the flow.  Stick with kitchen-themed decor.  If you have the space, use it.  Even small spaces can be decorated.  Be practical.  Don’t forget the window.  Pay attention to basics.

The kitchen is where memories are made, so make sure your kitchen reflects your style and your family with the addition of a few well-placed accessories.  And don’t feel pressured to run out and buy something.  Instead, open up your cabinets and look at what you already have to see how you can incorporate it into a beautiful display!  Now we’ve given you the basic tips…accessorize this kitchen.  What are your ideas?

accessorize this

Cambria Whitney kitchen island and perimeter.


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  1. What a nice clean slate! I would probably do some shabby/chic black & white decor with possibly some ornamental fixtures.


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