This post was originally going to be a generic “origin of Memorial Day” post. However, I feel it deserves more than just basic knowledge you can find through Google.  It’s a day of Remembrance. So, here’s my remembrance story… [ As told by Amanda Peterson, Graphic Designer ]

Close to Home

Memorial Day has always hit pretty close to home for me & my family. Growing up in a military family, my siblings & I were always taught to “stand at attention when the flag goes by. Place your hand on your heart. Keep quiet until the flag and color guard has passed. Remain at attention while the national anthem plays.” The weeks leading up to Memorial Day & Veterans Day, we all had our turn selling poppies at the local stores for the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. It was our ‘rite of passage’ once we were old enough to do so.  It was a full Saturday morning event that ended with getting a nice warm meal – either from someone’s home or the local café. (Something that soldiers, many times, go without.)

My great uncle served in WW2. He saw the aftermath of the holocaust. He was a regular speaker at our school, telling history lessons first hand. He has done so much for our little Danish community back home to retain the history of where we all came from. As the post commander for many years, he’s lead the VFW in our annual Memorial Day services. I, along with many others, have had the privilege of reading during the program. My siblings & other relatives have even played TAPS at the memorial wall service. The look I see on his face every time he reads the name of a fallen soldier, a friend, is heartbreaking.  But, he too is a soldier. It’s a brotherhood (& sisterhood) that remains forever. No matter the distance, the support of the brethren is always there. There’s a support system amongst everyone that’s served. They’ve all “been there.”

Then are the years that my own father or brother were overseas. I teared up at the fact that they were there serving, rather than being home to carry the flag & march in the parades. But, I understood the purpose. To this day, I still tear up when I see old glory & the color guard.

Who We’re Remembering

We all pray for the day where there is no more war. But the reality is, there will always be a need for protectors of our freedoms. Those protectors are your very neighbors, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, friends, & complete strangers. They make the choice to join the United States Military to keep us safe from harm. Sometimes, it doesn’t go as planned, but you can bet they are still fighting the good fight & are there to put the pieces back together. They make sacrifices. And for that, Memorial Day is more that just a “day to BBQ.” It’s a Time for Remembrance.

At Creative Surfaces, we are truly blessed to have such defenders working for us. Thank you to those that served, or are currently serving, for your dedicated service. We appreciate everything you do.

Please remember these soldiers today & every day.  Pay some respect. Stand at attention when the flag goes by. After all, the flag flies for your freedom & for those lost fighting for it. Remember that. May GOD Bless you all.

memorial day